Close with one hand an authentic GHP Professional Series Gripper (Levels 7-9) for as many consecutive reps as possible. Challenge attempts can either be done on video or in competition in front of an approved judge.

The Rules

  1. The gripper used must either be a brand new gripper (a) or a previously opened gripper (b). We reserve the right to inspect the gripper prior to adding your name to the list and in some cases may ask you to complete the challenge again using a new factory sealed gripper.
    a) For attempts on new grippers, the gripper must be in the original factory sealed package and opened on film (video format) or by the judge (competition format). Once the gripper is opened the gripper must remain on film (video format) or with the judge (competition format) until the challenge attempt is completed.
    b) For attempts on previously opened grippers, the distance between the handles at the end of the gripper furthest from the spring must be measured using a clearly marked ruler or digital display micrometer. The spring diameter must be measured using a digital display micrometer right above the point the spring inserts into the handle. The gripper must remain on film after the final close and be immediately measured with the result clearly presented on video.
  2. The gripper can only be touched by the closing hand after the start of the first rep. The off hand can be used to position the gripper but must be removed prior to the start of the first rep.
  3. The gripper reps must all start from no closer than 1.5 inches as measured by an official GHP Set Block which measures 1.5 inches wide, 1 inch thick, and 3 inches long. The Set Block must be passed between the ends of the handles by the athlete performing the challenge attempt (using their off hand) before each rep begins. The video (or judge) must clearly show (or see) the block passing between the handles at the start of the rep and the handles touching at the completion of the rep. If there is any uncertainty on either of these parts the rep will not count. The reps must be consecutive with the pause between the completion of a rep and start of the next rep being no more than 2 seconds. In the competition format the judge will indicate when the rep is complete with an audible count of the rep number.
  4. For video attempts please keep the video short and professional. Please show your face either before or after the challenge attempt.  Upload your video to a Dropbox account and share a link to the video to our email If you don’t currently have a Dropbox account you can sign up for a free account at the link above. Unprofessional behavior, language, music, etc., could cause your attempt to be rejected. Submitting a video as participation in the challenge gives Gillingham Enterprises, LLC, the right to duplicate the video for purposes of promoting the challenge and the Gillingham High Performance brand.
  5. A ranking of the athlete against all other athletes participating in the GHP Gripper Challenge will be maintained. For the purposes of ranking, a single rep with a higher level gripper will be ranked higher than any number of reps with a lower level gripper. The athlete can make multiple attempts however their name will only appear once on the list at the highest ranking achieved.

The Results

Top 3

1. Carl Myerscough UK Level 10 1 rep 9/15/2023
2. David Shamey Russia Level 9 3 reps 5/11/2020
3. Artem Ushenko Ukraine Level 9 2 reps 5/9/2019
  Igor Kupinsky Ukraine Level 9 2 reps 5/9/2019

Full Results

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