Gillingham Enterprises, LLC

Gillingham Enterprises, LLC was founded in 2009. Originally selling retail as “Gripper Superstore” the GHP brand of products was later introduced in 2011. Gripper Superstore was reorganized shortly after. Now in 2017 the GHP brand can be purchased factory direct from Gillingham Enterprises, LLC through the website. Our dedication to perfection with the GHP brand has carried over to our commitment to our customers and will continue in the future.

GHP the Brand

GHP’s founder Wade Gillingham has been involved in grip strength virtually his whole life. From pinch gripping 45 pound York plates in high school to becoming the 4th man in the world to lift the blob. An early closer of the infamous Ironmind #3 gripper, plus many “World Records” and “First-to-do” feats of strength, Wade has been a rock solid stalwart of grip for over 25 years. After a hand injury in 2008 Wade got back into torsion spring hand grippers in a big way. A lot had changed in his time away from grip only training while he was focusing on Strongman and Arm wrestling. New grippers in new configurations were on the market which helped aid in his recovery from partial finger tendon pulley tears on both hands. Although new brands were on the market one thing was still apparent, nobody had yet produced a competition quality gripper with tight tolerances that felt the same in the hand every time. The GHP Brand and the Gillingham High Performance Heavy Duty Hand Grippers were born out of this need.