GHP Skin Saver II

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Protects your skin
Made in the USA


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The GHP Skin Saver II – Gripper Handle Sleeve is a high density foam sleeve that slides over the handle of a GHP Heavy Duty Hand Gripper. The soft handle protects your skin from blisters while you are just starting out with hand grippers or if you enjoy doing high repetition workouts with your grippers. The universal size fits perfectly on GHP grippers – easy on and easy off – so you can change your workout up in a flash. You will immediately feel your hand and lower arm work in a new way due to the sleeve increasing the handle diameter and putting your fingers in a more open position. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the GHP Skin Saver II – Gripper Handle Sleeve has a place in your gym bag!

Ships as a pair.

  • High Density Foam grip is soft and durable
  • Protects your skin from blisters
  • Changes the feel of the gripper – more comfortable to rep
  • Increases the diameter of the handle working your hand in a new way
  • Designed for GHP Heavy Duty Hand Grippers but fits on most brands


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